Current Appeals

Collingwood Connect Mobile Classroom

Support us to provide education in the community for those pupils that cannot attend school physically. We are currently renting a welfare van which is used by Collingwood’s community teachers. You can help fund the running costs of the van particularly fuel or rental costs. 


We are fundraising to purchase a wooden BBQ Hut for the Orchard in Collingwood School and Media Arts College. This will provide additional space for lessons, intervention or meetings. 

Supporting Clark's Bog

We are working closely with Clark’s bog to develop an educational and wildlife haven. So far we have managed to raise enough funds to refurbish the visitors centre and dig a new pond on the reserve. We are looking for additional funds to build lookout hides, seating and provide equipment for wildlife watching.

New Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Collingwood School was built in 2004. As a modular building it is starting to show its age. We are fundraising to replace it with a new cabin pool. Swimming is a very important part of the curriculum offer at Collingwood School and pupils really enjoy their time in the pool. A replacement facility is in the region of £400,000

Collingwood Shop

We are raising funds to rent a local shop where the pupils and students of Collingwood School will be able to learn valuable enterprise, employability and retail management skills. Within the shop we will sell produce created by the pupils and students, we will offer a “rent the shelf” facility where other local schools and businesses will be able to showcase their produce.

Get Collingwood Cycling

We are raising funds to purchase new bikes for the pupils at Collingwood School. The current bikes desperately need refreshing and the ultimate aim is to increase cycling proficiency so that the pupils and their parents will be able to participate in a cycling expedition in Holland.